Digital solutions for the Art World

Art & Culture

We explore the possibilities of application of technology to the fields of art, culture and design, and the relationship between the virtual and the real. To make art and heritage reach more people by understanding the changing behaviour of audiences and provide content which is fit for purpose and has the right mix of message, medium, technology and intention.

Museums & Galleries

Implementing and evaluating digital engagement to deliver unmatched UX and create new grounds for artistic and cultural experiences at museums and galleries, including virtual art galleries. To explore our cultural content – collections, performances, exhibitions and more, to be the start of many conversations, to tell many different stories and to signpost people along their personal journey.

Events & Places

It becomes imperative to disseminate information in a way that is not obtrusive but relevant and timely. The need of the hour is to provide a reliable guide to the audiences, guiding them to the events and places of interest, highlighting India’s rich architectural legacy and putting them in their historical and cultural context and remove barriers for participation for potential audiences.

Meet our team

Aliasgar Poonawalla

Aliasgar Poonawalla


Wearing different hats and with varied interests and skill sets, he has keen interest in the arts and seeks to create exciting and innovative digital platforms for the art, heritage and cultural sector. He is alumni of International Museum Academy, UK, and Guild Certified Framer. He also consults on business and tax laws.

Sahaba K

Sahaba K


She is an Economics graduate with a keen interest in economic research, arts, blockchain technology and fintech. She looks after the various economic, financial and compliance related aspects of Artiana. She is a self-learner and has cultivated technical skills by online learning. Currently passionate about the AWS ecosystem.




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